XUMM Wallet Setup Guide

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What is the XUMM wallet

XUMM is the most used XRP Ledger wallet client. It's secure, easy to use, and most importantly, non-custodial. Also, the wallet can interact with 3rd party services (like CasinoCoin Lobby) within the wallet.


  • A device with a XUMM wallet installed. You can download XUMM from xumm.app.
  • A pen and a piece of paper. We suggest getting an Ark Plate if you want something more secure to store your secret.
  • You will need at least 10XRP. We suggest 12.5XRP. You can get them after the process or during the setup. 

Setting up the wallet

After downloading XUMM, open the app to start the setup process.

1. Tap on "Start".

2. Tap "Go".

3. Carefully choose a PIN, enter it, and tap "Next".

4. Confirm by repeating the PIN and tap "Save".

5. If you want to use any biometrics, tap "Yes". If not, tap "Maybe later".

6. If you wish to receive push notifications from XUMM, tap "Yes". If not, tap "Maybe later". 

7. Carefully read the message and then check the "I understand" box. Please repeat this until you reach step 7.

8. Confirm that you agree to the Terms of Service by tapping "Confirm".

9. It's time to add your first account. To do so, tap "+ Add account".

10. Tap "Create new account".

11. Carefully read the message and tap "Next, I understand". 

12. You will need a pen and a piece of paper for the following steps. Please write down your secret numbers exactly as shown on your screen. Once you have written down a row, tap "Next" to get the next row revealed.

13. Once you have written down all rows, the app will ask you to put them back in. This step is necessary to make sure that no mistakes are made. Use the "-" and "+" buttons to cycle through the numbers 0 to 9. The black "<" button is used to move one field back, and the ">" to proceed to the next box and or row.

14. Once the app verified you wrote down the secret numbers correctly, you can proceed by tapping "Next".

15. XUMM will now display your newly created XRPL account. You can copy it into your clipboard or grab it from your Home screen inside XUMM. Proceed by tapping "Next".

16. XRPl accounts need to be activated. You will have to send in at least 10XRP. Either ask a friend to help you out or purchase some XRP on Exchange. Proceed by tapping "Next, I understand". You can go ahead and deal with the account activation once the setup process is done.

17. You can add additional security for signing transactions if you wish to do so. Once you have made a choice, tap it and then "Next".

18. You can now pick a label for your account. This will only be visible to you. Once done, tap "Next".

19. You are all set now. Tap "Hooray, let's go".

20. If you did not activate your account during the setup, your home screen will look similar to the one shown below. If you did send coins to your account before completing the setup, it will look similar to the image in step 21

21. If you sent coins to your account before completing the setup, your home screen will look similar to the one below.

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